On-line assessment toolkits provide the educator with the a variety of assessment tools to choose from to measure formative and summative learning. The educator will want to take many things into consideration before choosing their assessment tool. A pre-learning assessment could be a accomplished using a survey or pre-test. Evaluating psychomotor skills can be accomplished through simulation and practicum. Evaluation, Synthesis, and Creativity can be evaluated using a variety of tools including concept maps, wikis, blogs, jigsaws, and peer to peer collaboration tools. Educators and students have used some of these assessment tools on classroom black boards and with pen and paper. Other assessment tools were developed only recently as technology improved, access to the internet expanded, and learner demand increased. Through a review of the literature and practical experience with on-line assessment tools, the educator can perform a reality check. Can this learning objective be measured using this on-line assessment tool or will another on-line assessment tool be needed? There are many resources and reviews of on-line learning assessment tools available for the educator. Check out the other pages of this wiki to review four on-line learning assessment tools and resources available to design objectives, rubrics, assessment tools, and learning styles.